Market & Business SECTOR Development

Who is really in charge of a market sector or business industry in a country?


This is an area we specialise in because its work that NEEDS to be done and yet ownership of the issue is typically unclear and unassigned. Especially in developing countries.

On many occassions a series of events in markets overseas leave existing sectors in these countries exposed, left behind even unsustainable.

In some cases there is opportunity for a new sector to be established.  Or an existing sector has become so obsolete in terms of its structure and/or dynamic that radical thinking and paradigm shifts are required.  

We conceptualise such change programmes and then identify Partners and secure Funding to embark upon such change programmes with local agents.

We deliver the full cycle for such change activity - conceptualise, design, develop, implement and monitor...

We have worked primarily in the Caribbean, conceptualising new eco-tourism ventures, re-engineering the fine cocoa sector, introducing agro-processing, developing business models based on renewable energy and even rethinking the approach to research and development in tertiary institutions. 

Our services at a glance:

  • Designing & developing transformation projects
  • Mobilising resources - financial and others - to execute a transition
  • Creating genuine Partnerships with multiple stakeholders
  • Establishing Public-Private ventures

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