We develop solutions covering the entire spectrum of business and management. These solutions are rooted in our diverse experiences from many years of constructive engagement with companies of all organisational types, sizes and sectors from all over the world. Get a better understanding of our services and expertise here and email us for a free consultation.

Strategic Planning 

Whether short-term or long-term management planning: our management expertise allows you to navigate your company's future with greater assurance.We have developed Strategic Plans for Government Agencies, Privately Owned Companies, Tertiary Institutions, Not-for-Profit Foundations, and SME's (small and medium sized companies) in many countries across the worlds.

Its important to Strategically Plan because as the saying goes: "Those who fail to plan, plan to ...."

Market & Business Sector Development

Who is really in charge of a business or market sector in a country?


This is an area we specialise in because its work that needs to be done and yet ownership of the issue is unclear. Especially in developing countries.On many occassions a series of events in markets overseas leave existing sectors in these countries exposed and left behind.In some cases there is opportunity for an entirely new sector to be established.  Or an existing sector has become so obsolete in terms of its structure and/or dynamic that radical thinking and paradigm shifts are required.  

We at Newer Worlds conceptualise such change programmes and then identify Partners and secure Funding to embark upon such change programmes with local agents.We deliver the full cycle for such change activity - conceptualise, design, develop, implement and monitor...We have worked extensively in developing countries of the Caribbean, re-structuring the cocoa sector, food agro-processing, renewable energy and even re-engineering the approach to research and development as practiced in tertiary institutions. 

Business Re-Engineering

We all know the theory of the text books and it has its place.But the reality in the world is that many companies, businesses and organisations grow like topsy turvy - really an "organic" process

From time to time those who are able to, make a step back and re-jig the business so that it is structured and operates optimally for the new circumstances it finds itslef in.

However usually events overtake these entities and so sometimes its necessary to come in with a radical change process in mind - sometime just to survive, sometimes to move it forward with a quantum leap. 

This is what we provide at NEWER WORLDS - support and advice in Major Change, Radical Re-think Re-engineering...  

International Trade & Business

Trade is as old as civilisation and offers wonderful opportunities for development and economic growth. 

But how does one identify the diamonds in the rough and distinguish gold from fools gold?

Its about wisdom derived from human relations, experience, expertise, discernment and network contacts and we have strengths in all - particularly with respects to the Caribbean, the European Union (including the United Kingdom) and the Americas.

Our other consultancy areas:

  • Marketing and Corporate Communication
  • Human Resources Management
  • Family Business Transitioning
  • Equity Financing / Business Flotations
  • Emerging Markets
  • International Development Funds



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