Selected Projects

Transforming the Caribbean Fine Cocoa Sector

Client: Cocoa Industry Board (Jamaica)

Task: Re-engineer the Cocoa Sector/Industry and the Cocoa Board so that the national cocoa sector is revived in a more relevant and sustainable model

Timeframe: 2010-2013

The Cocoa Sector in Jamaica has suffered from neglect from the 1980's and fine cocoa production has declined by a factor of 10 since that time. This state of affairs included: a lack of investment, lack of technology, an absence of training, disconnect between growers, buyers and processors, a lack of global perspective, an inappropriate industry model. In essence the fine cocoa sector was stuck in a time warp and needed to be modernised and transformed so as to become sustainable in the changed world of downstream end products. 

Newer Worlds conceived and developed funded projects and actions to intervene in this important sector and successfully demonstrated new models of work specialisation, work mechanisation and cocoa based businesses to ensure the viability of the industry. 

Transitioning from Agriculture to Agro-processing & Value-Add

Client:Caribbean Fine Cocoa Forum

Task:Develop initiatives and projects and secure funding for establishing a Fine Chocolate Innovation Centre in the Caribbean


The Fine Cocoa sector across the Caribbean has been in decline since the 1990's despite it producing some of the best quality cocoa in the world and despite growth and innovation in the downstream global chocolate markets. The structure and dynamic of cocoa growing in the Caribbean is still, by and large, as it was over a hundred years ago - a bygone era. It is irrevalent and unsustainable yet no organisation or entity has "stepped up to the plate" to offer and implement an alternative, sustainable, sector model. 

The creation and development of the Caribbean Fine Cocoa Forum (CFCF) began the process of radical sector transformation required to bring the necessary changes about and improve the livelihoods of thousands of rural small cocoa farmers across the Caribbean moving from subsistence living to viable income levels.

Newer Worlds actively promoted the transition from simply growing raw produce for export to eco-tourism initiatives and agro-processing the fine cocoa crop into value added foods, drinks, spa products, health and beauty derivatives, etc.   

Internationalising a National Creative Industry

Client:Trinidad & Tobago Entertainment Company

Task:Develop a strategy to internationalise the Entertainment Industry of Trinidad & Tobago


Trinidad & Tobago is a modern oil and gas rich Caribbean state which has undergone tremendous industralisation progress since the 1970's. However this has left its economy over-dependent on that industry and its downstream sectors despite the potential of its other industries. Primary amongst these are its entertainment sector which most famously includes the Annual Carnival held just before Ash Wednesday.

This Carnival has been successfully "exported" to many countries including: the United Kingdom (the Nottinghill Carnival in London and about 50 other Carnivals across the UK); CARIBANA in Toronto, Canada; Labour Day Carnival in New York City; and many others across the world.The challenge remains as to how to formally develop the national creative industries of the country so that is provides a much greater contribution to the GDP of Trinidad & Tobago - officially recognised in 2012 as a first world state.

Newer Worlds successfully developed a Strategic Plan for growing, developing and internationalising the country's entertainment sector to achieve the objectives of that Government's Agency.  

Implementing Environmental & Energy Practices across the Caribbean

Client: Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica 

Task: To provide Institutional strengthening for Environmental & Energy Practices for Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago & Eastern Caribbean

Timeframe: 2009-2010

The Caribbean is widely acknowledged to be one of the most vulnerable regions in the world when it comes to negative economic impact arising from environmental damages brought about through climatic change. Many of its countries are also still heavily dependent on hydrocarbon derived electricity - which is both expensive and highly polluting. 

The project’s objective was to build the capability of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) and the Caribbean Association of Industry & Commerce (CAIC), which represent many of the Caribbean region’s private sector businesses and associations, to promote regional private sector collaboration and involvement in environmental and energy management policy formulation and best practices development.  

The project improved the sustainability of these organisations and their membership companies through training and policy recommendations to governments, and by increasing the awareness and understanding of the opportunities available in the carbon trading market.

The substantial funding was secured through a competitive tendering process by Vernon Barrett accessing PRO-INVEST CDE European funding.

Newer Worlds provided the PSOJ with this, its first, EU funded project through competitive tendering.  

Developing New Trade - Services & Goods - between the EU and the Caribbean

Identifying International Trade Opportunities in CARIFORUM countries under the EU EPA 

European Union & Pan-Caribbean  2011

The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) was designed and launched by the European Union to provide private sector businesses in the Caribbean, at least theoretically, with access to European markets. However the expected results of increased trade were not being translated into reality.

Therefore the objective of this commissioned research was to identify the investment and business support needs of CARIFORUM services suppliers in identified sectors of interest and with export potential to the European Union.

Newer Worlds researched the strengths and weaknesses of CARIFORUM business support organisations to provide these needs for their SME members across the region.The results and recommendations were submitted to the CARIFORUM organisation for use in supporting the implementation of the EPA Agreement with the European Union.

Supporting Immigrant Business Sectors across Wales


Client: Welsh Development Agency (WDA)

Task: To assist Wales realise the full potential of its diverse SME Business Sector

Timeframe: 2005-2007

The immigrant community in Wales extends further back in time than one might think - with that country's southern coal shipping ports being a point of entry for, notably, Arabic and Chinese peoples from the 19th Century - when coal, preceding Oil & Gas, was the Global King of energy sources. This migration was followed by people of Caribbean, Asian and African origin in the 20th Century.

Newer Worlds worked with Focus Consulting to develop strategies and policies leading to a national programme of support to minority businesses across the entire country of Wales. This was done on a sector and supply chain basis and included businesses operating in the tourism, retail, food and drink, media, creative industries, personal and professional services.

The project, funded by EU sources under the programme POTENTIA, provided key policy guidance to the WDA on how to develop its SME business segment - particularly in deprived areas - and how to, more generally, improve its Organisations providing Business Support Services nationwide.      

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